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Chapter: Neuro

Subchapter: Head (Read entire chapter)

Diagnosis: Non-accidental trauma (NAT, Child abuse) - head injuries
Axial noncontrast CT of the head in a young child demonstrates acute blood in the interhemispheric fissure (A and D, white arrows) as well as subdural and subarachnoid collections overlying the right frontal lobe (A and C, black arrows). Furthermore, acute blood is seen in the posterior aspect of the left globe (B, arrow), consistent with acute retinal hemorrhage.Bone window demonstrates also a non-displaced linear skull fracture in the occipital bone (C, arrow). Retinal hemorrhage and interhemispheric hemorrhage are most specific for child abuse. Other, less specific abnormalities include subdural hematomas and edema in the basal ganglia.

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