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Chapter: Neuro

Subchapter: Head (Read entire chapter)

Diagnosis: Subdural hematoma subacute with midline shift
Axial noncontrast head CT of the same patient scanned a few centimeters more caudal demonstrates a large convex extra-axial collection extending from the previously seen crescentic collection, also near isodense to gray matter, centered along the right cerebral convexity, with posterior extension to the right parietal area. The collection crosses the sutures indicative of a subdural nature. The density measures only 45 HU, suggestive of its subacute nature. There is mass effect on the subjacent brain parenchyma (black arrows) that is also causing a midline shift (subfalcine herniation) of 1.3 cm midline shift (white arrows) that is most prominent at the right frontal horns. There is also compression of the anterior horn of the right as well as left ventricle (white asterisk).

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